Trivandrum is the capital of Kerala. It's distinguished by its British colonial architecture and many art galleries. Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple in the city is embellished in gold-plated covering. Attukal Temple is adorned by impeccable Tamil architecture. The city had a rich tradition of nurturing art and culture since ancient times. Napier Museum is renowned for its fine collection of sculptures, paintings and musical instruments. Kuthira Malika built in 1840, is an iconic monument that gives you a curious insight into the glorious history of Kerala. The museum houses artifacts like the ethnic jewelry that was once worn by the queens, wooden paintings and carvings, armory and idols made of the purest metal. Sri Chitra Art Gallery a perfect place for art lovers housing some of the famous work of Raja Ravi Verma and art objects belonging to the Mughals, Rajput's and Tanjore art schools.

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